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Brendan Garvey, COO, Global Procurement Group

Brendan Garvey the Chief Operating Officer of Business Champion Awards finalist the Global Procurement Group talks about the motivation behind the business.

What do you do currently for Global Procurement Group? Global Procurement Group

As COO, I concentrate on working closely with our teams, helping them provide the best expectations for our customers. Our success has been driven by the constant acquisition of customers and loyalty to our customers. It is because of the high quality of the advice and support customers receive from our employees each day. I’m in charge of ensuring that these standards are maintained continuously and we continue to improve in striving to raise them constantly.

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What was the motivation behind your company?

Our company has grown due to the passion of our director and chief of staff, Fokhrul Islam, to provide customers with a different experience than other energy companies that are B2B – an understanding of when they are using energy, and where their energy was used in order to cut it and reduce carbon emissions and costs. I’ve worked with Fokhrul Islam for a large portion of his professional life, and I’m impressed by the mission of to create a more sustainable, cleaner future for everyone.

Who do you admire?

I admire numerous colleagues and individuals throughout my career however, if anyone is special for me, that person is Liv Garfield, CEO of Severn Trent. We were co-workers at BT and I learned many things from her. She’s a female leader who is inspirational who is able to combine a direct and authentic approach with the ability to listen and be supportive. She’s a role-model not only for women, but for young, promising leaders all over the world. In an overwhelmingly male-dominated society She has managed to stand out with her unwavering faith in her beliefs and her ability to motivate people around her.

If you look back do you see anything that you’d rather have done differently?

There are many times that I’ve looked back on my work and wondered what I should have said in order to express my thoughts. Although nothing is particularly noteworthy but what I’ve learned through the years is that we need to be bold and be able to speak in a constructive and respectful manner about our beliefs and our values.

What is the basis of your way of working?

In the power of the people.

I began my career at the Global Procurement Group as the Chief People Officer. my responsibility was familiar with the staff who work here, and assist in their growth. I’ve worked with our employees to improve their behavior and assisted their efforts to be more effective people. As human beings on this planet, we have the ability to play a positively (and by influence other people) in the protection of our environment.

I’m extremely passionate about this as I truly believe it is an excellent chance to positively impact the future generation. I am concerned about the waste of energy as we have yet to realize the impact it has on our lives. Today, all businesses are burning out energy – turning off lights, monitors generators, heaters and other equipment running.

As we watch the energy crisis persist and the energy crisis continues, we have the power as a society to decrease our consumption of energy by using technology that can help us understand our contribution. My approach to business is by empowering individuals to make positive change occur. There’s no excuse, and there is no time to lose.



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