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Borrowers are at risk of Morses payment reduced

Morses Club has signalled that it is likely to cut back on compensation payments to borrowers, following the fact that it was the latest subprime lender to announce that its future is in jeopardy due to complaints from customers about fraudulently sold loans.

Provident Financial and Amigo have already drawn controversy for using an legal procedure known as an arrangement scheme to limit the amount they provide to those who were provided with loans that were high-interest and couldn’t afford.

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Morses disclosed the news yesterday that it was looking to implement a plan that would permit it to establish a deadline for the borrowers to make claims, and mark a line in its compensation crisis.

The lender that is listed in London for people with poor credit ratings provided no information. It could utilize its program to purchase time to pay the redress fully over a period of time It could also use the same method as Amigo and Provident and use the method to lower the amount of compensation it pays.

Sara Williams, who runs the Debt Camel advice blog, stated: “The history is that these schemes do cut refunds significantly.”

The company informed investors that without a plan its existence could be in question “Whilst the directors consider that Morses Club has adequate liquidity for the immediate future, they believe that without a potential scheme the level of redress claims could jeopardise the group’s future.”

Any arrangement will require the support from The Financial Conduct Authority, the City’s regulator, as being Morses’ borrowers as well as Morses’ borrowers and the High Court. The lender indicated that it was exploring different options, but said the possibility alternatives to the scheme “would result in those with redress claims receiving considerably lower amounts than they would under the scheme”.

The subprime lending market was hit hard by an increase of compensation requests over the past few years, mainly due to fraudulent sales. Morses hasn’t disclosed the amount of compensation requests the company has been able to receive. But the extent of the issue it has to face is evident from the provisions it has made to address complaints. It was PS2.4 millions in Morses Half-year results however, it announced yesterday that it will require an additional sum of PS45 million for its full-year results.

It also warned that its pre-tax profit adjusted from the period up to February 26 are likely to be between 30 and 40% less than its expectations. It also projected a loss for the twenty-23 fiscal year. The deluge of negative news sent the shares of the company down 42.3 percent (3 1/2 p) and 5p.



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