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Being King of the media is about from the bottom

When you first step into the world of business personalities that is populated by the likes of Lord Alan Sugar from The Apprentice or the panelists from Dragons’ Den you’ll likely feel like a child with a big smile on the first day of secondary school.

Your company might be beginning to earn a decent amount, however, you’re also planning on getting the car in the shape of your persona on the media and driving off into the open road maybe without a GPS and with a little fuel.

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From the moment you step into the world of media it can be difficult at best. There’s no place to go. No place to hide.

Similar to the lines from the film Alien In space, no one will hear you scream’..

From the moment you begin your journey into business online blogs, all the way to national network breakfast radio and television No one is familiar with your name, no one’s playing with you during break time , and in the worst case you may even be victimized by some of the more popular kids and being told to get away.

Slowly , but surely, you begin to build some confidence to adopt several survival strategies, however you must keep your eyes down and work to sort the hierarchy of pecking order.

Business stars as with any other type of fame, is characterized by the same mythical structure as dinosaurs who came to life as in The Jurassic Park film franchise.

It was in Jurassic World, ‘The Hybrid is a human-made mixture, a type of Super Dinosaur and the king of all creatures.

“The Hybrid”in terms of television’s homegrown individuals is certainly Lord Alan Sugar. In the film series The Hybrid was more dangerous than even the Tyrannosaurus rex which was first introduced in Jurassic Park.

Sugar might be 5’7 inches tall (1.73 meters) He’s not a huge figure, but he is a mighty force as the King of homegrown business personalities.

In 2006, I was the anticipation of my customer Duncan Bannatyne to arrive at an Speed Networking event for Enterprise Week held in the Young Vic Theatre near Waterloo. The event was scheduled to include the Chancellor Gordon Brown, Lord Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne with a bunch of young entrepreneurs who were attending La Retraite School.

Lord Alan Sugar turned up in his chauffeur driven limousine sporting an the AMS 1 personalized number plate and walked up the Mezzanine with his entourage of a few people in which the event was being held.

Gordon Brown was already there waiting in anticipation of the meeting and greet with excited children.

Bannatyne was in a hurry.

I explained that when Lord Sugar came up to me that I was the PR person for Bannatyne but I didn’t know if he was there yet.

“Where do you think the*) is Bannatyne was he, he asked? What’s his game?” he said, half-joking. “Always running f&^*ing late!”

Lord Sugar believed that he could make jokes about Bannatyne The Dragon since, according to his point of view every Dragon was a notch lower than him in terms of the rank. Sugar was the equivalent of head prefect.

In the event that Lord Sugar was ‘The Hybrid The Hybrid’, then all his Dragons are Tyrannosaurus Rex’s. They were all one notch below Sugar in the realm of fiery business tycoons who eat flesh The most famous business person in the world.

Just below those Dragons came those on Channel 4 Secret Millionaires, that I would compare with the Raptors (although my wife reminded me The Raptors in Jurassic Park tend to be more deadly because they are often in pairs and seem to sense which one is thinking about during the hunt) and below that, the ranks and file of the Undercover Bosses who are Deinonychus’s and others.

Late BBC Dragon Hilary Devey was one of the few examples of an Channel 4 Secret Millionaire migrating through the food chain to Dragons’ Den.

It was not the norm to become Dragon on Secret Millionaire, a show that supposedly has millionaires go undercover with a complete film crew to trick people who are looking for cash payouts and cash handouts.

You’re unlikely to watch Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden or Richard Farleigh make it on Dragons’ Den. However, they could they will then fall down a step of the ladder and appear in Undercover Boss. This isn’t going to occur.

It’s a bit like a casting method that has been etched into stone over the course of time.

The idea of examining all it from outsider’s view isn’t easy initially.

However, the method to break the glass ceiling is actually an easy one.

I refer to it as “F&F”. Fighting and F *(&(ing.

Every drama is friction and a fight that is of a certain kind. It’s what makes drama. It’s a terribly boring show, and also very short, in the event that everyone was on the same page.

The excitement comes in the spills. The good and baddies. The struggle. The chase. The duel.

To get ahead quickly You must choose a battle with the largest dino in your room.

If you beat him, then you win all the treasure , and you get your girl.

In the battleground of media it’s not necessary to shed blood to win.

Instead, it’s all about narratives.

The target could be any type of opponent. A different businessperson who you choose to fight with is further up your food chain. The premier minister. An entire group similar to “The Wokes’. A whole nation such as “The Scots”.

No matter how you view it, you’re fighting and determined to eliminate the world of the scourge that is the most famous business star that you’d like to take over and eat some of their media fame for your own benefit.

The continual spectacle of your title battles keep people engaged, entertained and intrigued in the progression of your story, and the subsequent rise to the highest point.

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most impressive examples of hitting hard over his weight. In 1993, the huge British Airways had to apologise and pay PS610,000 in libel damages along with an PS3 million for legal fees against its tiny rival, Virgin Atlantic Airways over an “dirty tricks” campaign.

The battle raged for a long time, providing Branson millions of dollars columns in newspapers. This was the classic David against Goliath kind of thing, and Branson took to the streets over it, taking advantage of the fame and prestige of British Airways and fusing it into the Virgin Atlantic brand all the way.

Everyone loves triers. Branson himself was a courageous knight, and was a hero for ordinary people. Branson was a true man of the common people.

I can remember having a conversation with Will Davies, the CEO of Aspect Maintenance, the number 2 property maintenance company in London following Pimlico Plumbers, up the media ladder.

I began an ongoing stream of defiant negative stories about David Cameron in terms of the things his government was making for entrepreneurs. Davies calling Cameron to account for all kinds of misdeeds that could be committed to small and medium-sized companies.

The constant, consistent cycle of Will Davies stories consistently attacking the then Prime Minster through press releases after press release finally worked in the direction of Will being the uncompromising voice of the need for small and medium-sized enterprises, before ending being on BBC News Channel discussing Zero hours contracts.

Each round was fired off by Will who was constantly making potshots against the Premier Minister.

The main point is that the fight against the Premier Minister permitted Davies to enjoy the warmth of the man who actually runs the country, and without having to accept the invitation from No. 10 Downing Street.

The F&*ing part is another method to get in the limelight. It is a huge deal for regular stars. For instance, Los Angeles, agents take the talent to meet-markets held in bars where people work out who’s in love with whom to produce rich and interesting material for the magazines of celebrities. It’s a true merry money is made.

Elon Musk certainly has gotten an enormous amount of rocket fuel through his colorful relationships, be it the “did he” or “didn’t offer sperm to Johnny Depp’s former spouse, Amber Heard to have an infant. Musk’s plethora of victories in his bedroom has been in the news through the years, just as his deals within the corporate world.



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