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Beautiful Scale Is the site legitimate or scam?

This article will give you specific information on a website which analyzes the beauty of a person and uglyness using a calculator.

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How gorgeous or ugly are you? Numerous websites claim to to answer that question. One such site are pretty Scale .com It offers an electronic scale that evaluates your beauty. Today, people all over the world are extremely attracted by their appearance and this has led to the creation of these websites.

We will examine the site thoroughly in this post and give you all the details you require. The website’s strengths and weaknesses and its value in the present day world! There has been a fair amount of activity on this website in the past few years as it’s owned by an US firm.

You should be aware of everything on the pretty Scale website prior to using it, and that’s why we’ve provided all the details about it on this page.

HTML1 What do you think about it?

With a range of measuring scales to assess your beauty. the Pretty Scale .com is considered as the oldest website. Face tests and body test is used to assess every aspect of your body and face. On this site you can pick between two kinds of tests.

As per the site, the computer system comes with a beauty calculator which measures the way beautiful or ugly your body and your face are. Individuals with low self-esteem should not take the test because they might be shocked with the outcomes. To save or share your photo they will ask for you to upload your photo.

They can be reached by using the help section through their web site. Help can be requested via on the pretty Scale site by filling out a request.


  • * Type of website is Online Beauty Calculator
  • * United States of America
  • * Test price: Nil/free
  • * embedded system – Measuring requirements
  • * The outcomes are not but presented in the form of percentages
  • * Available: Privacy Policy

HTML1 Prettyscale offers positive qualities

  • * It’s an established website (launched about nine many years ago).
  • For those who have fear of beauty, this website could be useful.
  • Beauty is measured using the scale of the device.
  • Certain individuals with difficulties can benefit from it because it boosts their self-esteem.
  • *The United States’ website is completely free to use.
  • Photos uploaded or shared are not abused.
  • * You can complete the form below to contact them with any queries.

HTML1 Prettyscale negatives

  • * There’s a small interface available on the Pretty Scale website.
  • The owners aren’t famous.
  • * The website has little reviews, but it’s quite mature.
  • * Unexpected results could result in the loss of confidence in those who are self-conscious.

What is the most important steps to take when using the site?

Anyone can access this Beautiful Scale site because it’s so easy. The steps are described below:

1. Click the official link to open the main site within your web browser.

2. It is possible to perform a facial test or a body test based on the kind of analysis you’re looking to do.

3. Upload your image after you have told the site your gender. You can also snap an image while reading this.

4. Follow the directions below your photo and make sure you align the measuring scale.

5. The result will be available when all alignments have been made.

6. After your test you need to review your results as well as your overall percentage. You’ve got it.

What do users think about Prettyscale?

The feedback of users of websites is essential in determining the effectiveness of a website. We found some of the most important reviews for the Pretty Scale .com when we searched online.’s measuring scale is not popular with people. Beauty or uglyness is determined by analysing numerous other aspects.

In the midst of the Internet it is apparent that the Beautiful Scale website isn’t receiving any kind of favorable reviews. The site has been in operation for quite a while, which is remarkable for a site that’s so old.


In conclusion to conclude, it’s worth mentioning it is true that Beautiful Scale website functions as a beauty calculator and may be used to enjoy. It is not guaranteed of the formulas they utilize will accurately portray your beauty or uglyness.

So, we suggest that you give it a go and use it to have just a moment of fun and not evaluate yourself according to the results you receive. The beauty within is significantly more valuable and more beautiful than the exterior appearance or image.



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