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An American CBD in the UK

Who is Charlotte Figi?

Charlotte Figi suffered from Dravet syndrome which is a very rare and severe type of epilepsy. She experienced a number of seizures throughout the day. These might last for as long as 4 hours, and, eventually, lead in a decline in her cognitive abilities. When conventional treatments for her illness not helped the family decided to explore cannabis. The decision was made after they learned about other children suffering from similar conditions who were successfully treated with cannabis. They utilized cannabis oil and it proved to be very effective for five-year-old Charlotte and soon, the amount of seizures throughout the day decreased to none!

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The Stanley Brothers

Her parents were searching for someone to supply their family with marijuana oil frequently. It was the Stanley Brothers, which is a medical cannabis grower based in Colorado. collective. They have developed a plant with 30:1 ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD) to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This particular strain, called Charlotte’s Web, has the healing qualities of cannabis but doesn’t have the psychoactive effects found in other varieties that are medical marijuana. With a higher concentration of CBD as well as a lower amount in THC levels, the plant is perfect for helping children with issues similar to Charlotte. The strain was named in honor of Charlotte. The rest, as they say, is history. A growing number of people are choosing Charlotte’s Web Oil to treat their children. The Stanley Brothers continue to produce the cannabis oil that children need across the globe.

Myths concerning Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

There are numerous misconceptions about CBD oil, and it’s essential to distinguish truth from fiction. Let’s look at the following myths

Myth No. 1: CBD gets you ” high”

This is a popular mistake among those who encounter CBD oil first. The Charlotte’s Web CBD isn’t in any way intoxicating. Charlotte’s Web is a strain that has been developed to ensure that it does not cause you to feel high. It is different from other cannabis varieties sold in US dispensaries, or on that are sold on black markets in UK which have a larger amount of THC. It’s not like you’ll feel anything unusual during use; the majority of users just report feeling of a sense of security and well-being.

Myth No. 2: CBD oil can lead to addiction

It has been proven that CBD oil doesn’t cause dependence. Instead this Charlotte’s Web CBD strain helps in increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine within the body, which provides the feeling of ‘feeling good’ which can help sufferers of depressive or similar mental disorders.

Myth No 3. CBD oil is not legally legal

CBD oil is currently lawful within the UK as well as the majority of US as well as Europe as a supplement to food. It is also believed for its advantages that can help improve overall health. It is well-known in particular for its capability to ease discomfort.

Simply put, CBD has many therapeutic benefits and has been proved to be non-toxic and non-addictive. Charlotte’s Web Oil is rich in CBD and extremely low in THC.

Can Charlotte’s Web Oil live up to its name?

There is a growing recognition of the Charlotte’s Web Oil following the story of success that was Charlotte Figi. Researchers and doctors are currently examining and studying the potential use marijuana as a valid treatment.

Numerous studies in the field of science have shown that CBD oil is effective to control seizures without the negative side negative effects associated with prescription medications. This has led to Epidiolex being approved by FDA within the US and is now used by the UK for a select amount of children suffering from severe epilepsy.

The CBD content in Charlotte’s web works within the body since it is a full spectrum cannabis oil. The most important reasons for people to utilize CBD oils is:

1.) Relief from pain as well as an anti-inflammatory.

2.) To control withdrawal symptoms

3) as a supplement to epilepsy disorders as well as anxiety disorders such as PTSD and OCD Type 1 Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and acne

Charlotte’s web oil doesn’t contain the psychoactive effects that are present in various medical cannabis varieties. This makes it suitable for people with children or who don’t want their every day activities to be impaired.

Does Charlotte’s Web Oil legal in the UK and where can I purchase it?

Many people believe that the use of Charlotte’s Web Oil in the UK is not legal, however it is legally legal within the UK since it is THC completely free (below the 0.2 percent permitted by law). But, that was not the case ago.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the cannabinoids that are found inside the marijuana plant. with the others being THC, CBN, CBG and CBDa. Charlotte’s web Oil is a broad spectrum oil that has the majority of the cannabinoids that are found within the plant without THC. In simple terms it is the usage of CBD oil is legal within the UK when it is sold as food supplement. This is an excellent review of the top Charlotte’s web CBD products you can purchase from the UK

In the UK in the UK, as long that the CBD product is made from hemp plants that have been accepted from the EU and has less than 0.2 percent of THC There won’t be any legal issues with purchasing and making use of CBD oil. This new law has proved to be very beneficial for numerous people who are taking CBD oil as a nutritional supplement or for medical purposes.

The bottom line of Charlotte’s Web Oil

Charlotte’s Web Oil is well acknowledged for its role in regulating epileptic seizures based on Charlotte Figi’s tale. The research studies have revealed several other groundbreaking benefits for this specific strain. It has the advantages without any negative unwanted side effects, which is the reason it is legally legal as a supplement to food throughout Europe, the UK in addition to Europe.



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