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Airline competition is good news to consumers

A lot of high-end customers are forced to lower their prices in order to not blow the budget for travel, therefore the necessity of holding on to the last of the business and first class customers is greater than ever before. At also, travelers typically stay in their homes rather than traveling abroad to enjoy their holidays, and airlines are competing to get smaller numbers of customers in standard class, and less cash to spend on travel.

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The battle for supremacy is based on two main criteria for service excellence: timely arrivals and the customer’s comfort. As there are just two aircraft manufacturers worldwide and the burden is on operators to come up with new ways of pointing themselves to be the best-appointed and comfortable on the marketplace.

As the high-quality of the changing facilities and fitness equipment is a major factor for my fitness centers, airlines are all scrambling to ensure that they have the best seats. This has been evident by Virgin Airlines’ fight to defend the controversial exclusivity of its Herringbone design seat for premium customers. Virgin has invested 10s of millions of dollars on the unique design, which is space-saving and increases the amount of seats available, however, it has been copied by competitors.

Recently Virgin’s patent request was affirmed through the Court of Appeal and, in the meantime, the company is seeking legal actions against other operators that have brought in seats. This could be devastating news for other operators which are now facing the possibility of removing their planes seats and having to invest the time and money needed to refit. However, it is a clear indication of the lengths that operators are willing to go to for the sake of competing.

The competition between rival airlines can benefit customers, who will receive superior service for lower costs However, the management of airports is in the wake of. BAA is the sole owner of all major airports within the South East of England and enjoys a monopoly over the market. But in the last week Heathrow Airport was voted the “worst airport in the world” for the second time in a row year, according to a study conducted by the airport lounge company, Priority Pass.

The need for competition is to make the operation of airports as smooth as the operations of airlines. However, there’s a changes in the works. BAA’s dominant market share of airports located in the South East is about to be divided, as BAA has agreed to purchase Gatwick Airport – which I personally consider to be the worst airports in the UK. If the deal goes as per the plan this will allow to move towards an airline model, which will include an increase in competition as well as incentives to upgrade the facilities as well as services.



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