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A new study has shown that CBD, a compound found in cannabis, may be able to prevent and fight COVID-19 infections.

No matter what you believe or how many people wish it to be true, smoking marijuana will not protect against the novel coronavirus.

New research this week revealed that CBD, a cannabis compound, can reduce the severity of COVID-19 and even prevent its spread.

Research published in Science Advances on Thursday shows that CBD-prescribed high-potency doses are less likely to cause COVID.

Researchers at the University of Chicago wrote that “our research suggests that CBD and its metabolism 7-OH-CBD,” which are compounds produced after CBD is processed by the body, “can block SARS-2 infection at both early and later stages of infection.”

LONGMONT CO. October 10, 2010 – Janea COX, director of Flowering H.O.P.E. These findings follow research that was published last week and found that cannibidiolic acids (or CBD-A), the precursor molecule of CBD, as well other similar cannabis acids, which become the familiar cannabinoids upon heating, prevented the entry of coronaviruses into isolated human cells.

These findings, taken together, are fueling the misconception that smoking cannabis and taking over-the counter CBD drops against COVID are useful tools. They’re not.

These findings could indicate that cannabis-derived medicines and preparations may be used to supplement vaccines during the two-year-long COVID-19 epidemic.

Researchers cannot stress enough that it does not mean that smoking a joint causes COVID. Your CBD drops over-the-counter won’t either.

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Interviews revealed that researchers were open to discussing both the potential importance and limitations of their work.

“The bottom line is that CBD has potential to prevent infections such as breakthrough infections which may be one of most useful applications,” Marsha Rosner, a University of Chicago professor of cancer research and lead author of the study, stated in an interview with VICE’s Motherboard vertical.

The researchers stated that the results were not limited to CBD, and only to high-quality CBD preparations that provide a large amount of the compound.

Rosner stated in a news release that “Going to your local bakery and buying some CBD muffins, or gummy bears won’t do any good”

The study does not indicate that CBD can replace existing preventative measures such as vaccinations and masking, which the researchers hope people will continue to use.

“This is what we don’t want to be seen.”

Rosner and her coworkers treated human lung cells with CBD before infecting them by the SARS-CoV-2 viruses. They found that CBD potently inhibited the replication of viral infections under non-toxic conditions.

They wrote that CBD was the only potent agent.

What did CBD do to achieve this effect? Rosner explained that CBD appears to trigger a cellular stress response normally activated in the presence “viruses and other pathogens.” Rosner spoke by phone on Friday. This stress response results in a number of proteins known as interferons. You can also find interferons here.

Rosner stated that CBD induces interferon production, which are antivirals that fight the virus.

CBD prevented the virus also from causing other infections to host cells.

Cells are cells, but they’re not living creatures. Two doses of CBD were administered to female mice last week in order to test their findings on living organisms.

This is a substantial amount that can be expensive. A 150-pound person would need to take 5,440 mgs of CBD to match the mice. Some companies sell 10,000 mgs or less than 2 doses for $250.

Some will still argue that CBD and money are well spent.

Researchers found that mice who took 80 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight experienced a decrease in viral loads of the lungs and nose of between 40 and 4.8 fold.

Finally, some evidence has been found that the results of these test-tube and mouse studies can be applied to humans.

Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug that can be prescribed by the federal Food and Drug Administration to treat severe seizures disorder patients, is approved.

The National COVID Collaborative reviewed 1,212 patients and found that the COVID rate for those with a history of taking CBD-grade pharmaceuticals was 6.2 percent compared to 8.9% for those not taking CBD.

CBD’s potential to prevent cancer was even greater for those who consumed CBD on the same day they took their COVID-19 test. A subset of 531 patients who were “likely” taking 100 mgs of CBD had a positive rate of 4.9 percent. This was in comparison to a 9 percent rate for a control group that did not take the drug.

Rosner and her coworkers are hopeful that clinical trials can be initiated with humans. This is because the pandemic continues through historically high levels of infections, hospitalizations and a terrible winter spike, which was fuelled by the omicron variant.

Rosner stated that he was eager for clinical trials to be conducted on the subject. Rosner spoke to the University of Chicago’s news agency.

“Determining whether this generally safe and well-tolerated cannabinoid might possess anti-viral properties against COVID-19” is crucial.



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