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A guide to how to log in and join the online blackboards DCCCD

There are many websites for distance-learning however none of them are as well-established as the Blackboard DCCCD. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to sign into and sign up for Blackboard DCCCD.

Blackboard DCCCD: What Exactly Is It?

Active online platform Blackboard DCCCD of the Dallas County Community College District provides online learning courses. DCCCD is the acronym as Dallas County Community College District” is the name given to the program that runs eCampus.

Making choices about classes, registering for classes or paying tuition, making requests for transcripts and more are all simple for students by using Blackboard DCCCD. Blackboard DCCCD website.

DCCCD has a remarkably robust online system with an opportunity to become awe-inspiring. Of course DCCCD’s blackboard platform is a must. DCCCD blackboard platform can perform all the vital features.

To apply, what criteria do you have to have to meet?

Each university is governed by their own rules as well as prerequisites and requirements This isn’t an exception. In this regard we’ve listed some things to think about before you submit your application for the DCCCD eCampus:

  • When you submit your application the DCCCD eCampus, you must be prepared to experiment with new methods. If you are in the future you’ll want to apply to a school or college to be considered for admission.
  • It is vital to take all safety precautions to protect you and your family members in these difficult times.
  • If you are applying for your first time, it is necessary to send all of your prior documents to DCCCD.
  • Other secondary schools that offer dual credit aren’t identical to DCCCD.

First application to eCampus DCCCD

When you first apply to DCCCD eCampus There are some things to remember. It is essential to be sure you are meeting all prerequisites. For first-time students, applications should include these requirements:

  • You must be between age of 18 and 20.
  • The IBD as well as the General Education Diploma are a mandatory requirement (G.E.D)
  • High school graduation or GED is required.

How do you sign in into DCCCD’s online learning system? DCCCD on-line learning platform the first time?

To aid you in understanding and sign in our process, we’ve broken the procedure in four different categories. There are some things you should remember prior to logging into DCCCD online for the first time.

Enter the Dallas College username below.

“Students” and “Faculty” are two distinct options. Choose according to what you’re more comfortable.

Make sure that the username for students begins beginning with “e” followed by their seven-digit ID number for their student such as “e1234567”. Your Student ID will be included in your student email address (for example, 56******696@6***

For faculty members username, it will consist of three letters, followed by four numbers (for instance abc1234). Did you know you have an employee ID (e.g., 56******696@6*** is often known as”your “34,” and that you are able to easily access services such those like Outlook or eConnect?

Enter your Dallas College Password

To access the teacher or student dashboard, you have to fill in your eConnect password into this field. If you’ve lost your password and require assistance to reset it, follow the instructions. If you have three choices, you should select the one that best meets your needs the most.

To log into the dashboard for teachers or students You must type in your eConnect password into this field. If you’ve lost your password and require assistance to reset it, follow the steps suggested. If you have three choices, you should pick the one that fits your needs best.

  • Yes, I am signed up for SSPR.
  • I am not been enrolled in SSPR.
  • I’m not sure. What is SSPR?

Enter your username along with your password for resetting your password. Click on the link in this email. To continue, you’ll have input information about your Gmail or login details, as well as the characters in the image or the audio. Select “Next” and continue with the steps that follow.

The Dallas College Online Services Login Screen

To login to eCampus using you DCCCD account and login, log in to the Dallas College Online Services Screen. Blackboard is the main power behind eCampus. In this instance you can see what the image could look.

Don’t Forget to Logout

Be aware that you need to leave Blackboard DCCCD’s online Blackboard DCCCD platform when you leave eCampus. You must sign from your account as soon as possible. You can completely log out by following these instructions:

  • You can log out from eCampus by pressing the logout button located in the upper right-hand part of your screen.
  • “Blackboard message” will appear shortly following”Logout” after pressing the “Logout” button.
  • Then , click “End SSO Session” to close the browser.
  • Now , you are able to shut down your browser.

Please select on the “Still can’t sign in” option above If you’re still not able to sign in.

Blackboard DCCCD Sign-In Issues

Be sure to clear the cache/cookies in your browser If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing eCampus and are receiving this error message from Blackboard.

Make sure that you’re using the correct browser that DCCCD allows in Blackboard DCCCD. The following browsers are the ones DCCCD recommends and which you must use.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari.

If you have not already done so, go to the official DCCCD website at “” to apply for online education.

Check that your course is on eCampus and that the instructor you have chosen is Colleague or by contacting your division.


A large portion of this article is dedicated on the “Blackboard DCCCD,” which we’ve explained in incredible detail.This is, in my opinion, is the best option to use for American on-line education. For online schools it is also possible to check out “Tutflix.”



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