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7 Best Tips for Employee Recognition Program

There are two types of employee recognition programs: effective employee recognition on the program. While most organizations recognize the potential benefits of recognition programs, they often need help reaching the desired results. These 7 best hacks for your employee appreciation program can help you take it to the next level and deliver the desired benefits.

These 7 top hacks will help you take your employee appreciation program to the next level and reap the expected benefits.

The Best Tips for Employee Recognition Program

  1. Go Digital

Digitalization is the best way to digitalize an employee recognition program. Digitalizing an employee recognition program will make it more accessible to a diverse and mixed workforce and lower the administration overhead.

The digital recognition tool is also helpful in improving end-user experience, considering the increasing number of millennials and Gen Zs who are more inclined to digital products and services.

  1. You should be focusing on the user experience

More than having a digital employee identification platform is needed, it is crucial to ensure that the platform is user-friendly and offers an excellent experience for end users.

Employees can easily log in to the platform by signing on with one sign-on. This is possible because they can integrate with other platforms organizations like HRMS and MS Teams. Another aspect that drives the use and impact of the platform is the intuitive, engaging user interface.

  1. Gamify It

You can add game elements like reward points, badges, e-certificates and leaderboards, wall of fame, etc. This can make the program more engaging and exciting for employees. It can also help increase the usage and, eventually, the program’s impact.

  1. Monetary benefits added

Employees can be encouraged to participate in the program by receiving monetary benefits. A points-based rewards program that allows employees to redeem r cash, gift cards, or any other monetary help is a must-have for any recognition program.

These monetary benefits should always be calibrated according to the workforce profile, available budgets, and industry trends. In addition, comparing these rewards with other players in your industry is always a good idea.

  1. Make it diverse

A good employee recognition program should offer enough variety of rewards and recognition.

Recognition of employee performance over different timeframes, instant/instant, monthly, quarterly, and annual, can help achieve variety. In addition, recognising employees’ performance should be targeted at various aspects, such as collaboration, innovation, learning, and development.

  1. Leverage Peer Recognition

Including co-workers in recognition can increase the program’s traction and impact. A potential game-changer in employee recognition programs is peer-to-peer recognition.

Peer recognition can be a great way to create a more collaborative, open and inclusive work culture. Peer recognition is available at virtually no additional cost for the company but can be a great addition to the program in terms of participation, impact and value.

  1. Create a Buzz

Employees may not be interested in recognition programs if they are only offered gamification or monetary rewards. However, it is just as essential to creating social visibility around the program.

A generation of employees spends a lot of their time using social media. Their achievements and recognition must be noticed by their coworkers, as well as their friends and contacts. Recognizing employees on internal platformssuch as Intranet or MS Teams, Slack, and others is a good idea. In addition, social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can significantly boost the program’s effectiveness.

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